Total Nutrition Therapy (TNT)
August 2018, Singapore

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Product Guidance

A Alimentum (powder)
E Ensure (liquid)
Ensure (powder)
Ensure Acti M2 (powder)
Ensure Life – Less sweet (powder)
Ensure NutriVigor (powder)
Ensure Plus Advance (liquid)

Ensure Plus (liquid)
Ensure Plus – coffee (liquid)
Ensure Plus – savoury (liquid)
G Glucerna 1.5 kcal
Glucerna (liquid)
Glucerna SR (powder)
Glucerna Triple Care (liquid)
Glucerna Triple Care (powder)
Grow Preschool (powder)
Grow School (powder)
Grow (liquid)
I Isomil Follow-on Formula (powder)
Isomil Growing-up Formula (powder)
Isomil Infant Formula (powder)
J Jevity (liquid)
N Nepro HP (liquid)
Nepro LP (liquid)
P PediaSure Triple Sure (liquid)
PediaSure Triple Sure – less sugars (powder)
Pediasure (powder)
ProSure (liquid)
ProSure (powder)
Pulmocare (liquid)
S Similac Gain Growing-up Milk (powder)
Similac Gain Kid Pre-school Milk (powder)
Similac Follow-on Formula (powder)
Similac Human Milk Fortifier (powder)
Similac Infant formula (powder)
Similac Mum (powder)
Similac NeoSure (powder)
Similac NeoSure (ready-to-feed)*
Similac Organic Follow-on Formula (powder)
Similac Organic Infant Formula (powder)
Similac Organic Infant Formula (ready-to-feed)*
Similac RS Infant Formula (powder)
Similac Special Care 24 (ready-to-feed)*
Similac Special Care 24 High Protein (ready-to-feed)*
Similac Special Care 30 (ready-to-feed)*
Similac Total Comfort Growing-up Formula (powder)
Similac Total Comfort Follow-on Formula (powder)
Similac Total Comfort Infant Formula (powder)



* For use in hospital neonatal wards only


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